Thursday, April 24, 2014

Days 2 and 3 updates -- and others

I have a couple of updates regarding previous days' purges, and an update on the blog in general.

On Day 2, I got rid of a bunch of purses, and washed a couple of others.  I was able to repair one of the purses I washed, so I started using it again.  The other one I washed I will probably still get rid of -- even though it came pretty clean, it's not really one I am very interested in.  I also added the purse I had been using to the pile, as it was getting pretty worn and couldn't be repaired.

On Day 3, I considered getting rid of my cat Cleo's scratching castle, since she hasn't been using it -- but I decided to relocate it and see if she used it in a different location.  It turned out she did start using it, so I'm going to keep it -- but the new location is a better one, since it's tucked out of the way now.  It's almost like getting rid of it, except it gives Cleo the opportunity to reclaim an old favorite sleeping spot!

As for this blog in general, I may need to take a break on posts for a short while.  My life unexpectedly went into a period of upheaval, and I'd like to figure things out before I continue my goal of getting rid of something every day.  I will try to post here and there when I am able to, but it may be a little while before I get back to my regular daily posts!

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