Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Get ready, get set...


Talk about simplifying: I had to finish taxes and get that out of the way before I could even think about tackling my plan of getting rid of something every day.  I was up all night, and only had about three or four hours of sleep around midday before I went to work today, but now that that's done I feel SO much lighter.

(Only somewhat unrelated to this blog is the fact that I've decided I need to stay better organized and keep up with my bookkeeping throughout the year from now on.  Since I'm self-employed, tackling it all at tax time can be a daunting task, but if I keep up on recordkeeping all year long -- as I used to do -- taxes really aren't all that bad.  It's not quite the same as getting rid of an excess of possessions, but I definitely think it will help to simplify my life.)

Down to business, though: I set my official start date for this blog as tomorrow, April 16th, precisely because it would allow me to finish up taxes before embarking on my new endeavor.  Also, I have to say it just seemed like a nice round number for starting a new blog, and I like nice round numbers -- especially when you consider that this blog has a clear start and stop, since it's about getting rid of something every day for an entire day.

So tomorrow my new journey begins!  I don't know if it'll change my life, but at the very least it'll help me get rid of the stuff that I don't need!

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