Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Starting over

Over the last couple days, I moved into what I think should be my home for the foreseeable future.  I had been staying with a friend for the past month or so, with basically nothing more than a week or so's worth of clothes, my computer, my phone, and maybe a few other things.  In a way, I proved to myself that I could live with very little, but at the same time, I also realized that I don't want to live with that little.

Her house was only a temporary solution, though, which was most of the reason why I didn't bring more with me.  This weekend I moved into another friend's house, which will be a more of a long term thing.  Having lived without so much this past month, I've only brought what I've missed the most: primarily my desk, some of my clothes, and some of my books.  I am also planning on bringing one of my rocking chairs for reading in, some more books, and my cat -- the one that was mine before we got married.

I also got a twin-size day bed, since I didn't have a bed that would be good for that small of space.  My new room is about nine foot square, with a large walk-in closet and another smaller closet, so it is going to make me rethink how much I need a lot of things.  Everything I bring takes up space, so every single item will need to be something I can't live without.

As I move stuff over, I'm going to start going through things again, and deciding what I want to bring -- and what isn't worth hanging on to.  This will be purging on an epic scale!

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