Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Simplifying vs. living green

As with all things, living simply has to be balanced with other things.  A strictly simple life can actually be worse for the environment.  It may be the simplest thing to throw everything away rather than hanging onto it in case you need it, but it's also rather wasteful.

As a result, my goal for this blog is to simplify my life, but also not at the expense of being wasteful or increasing my carbon footprint.  I think these two things have to be balanced against one another.

As such, there will be a few restrictions on my daily goal to simplify:

  1. Priority goes to giving things away.  If Goodwill or someone on will take it, that's where it'll go, even if tossing it is easier.
  2. Recycling gets second priority.  Likewise, anything that can be recycled, will be -- although only if it can't be given away first.
  3. Throw things away as a last resort.  If all else fails, the trash is still a better place than having something clutter up my life, but if something is, say, broken or unusable, it's better to just throw it away.  Right now I'm not interested in repurposing, as that would complicate rather than simplify my life, although I can offer things for repurposing on Freecycle before throwing them away.

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