Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Simplifying vs. organizing

I had another thought regarding the goal of this blog.  Part of living simply is also being organized, so there may be times when I may have to add something to my life, rather than only purging things.  I will blog about those additions too, as I think they help me to simplify, even when it means another possession.

For instance, organizer trays may add to my possessions, but they enable me to keep things organized so that I can easily find what I'm looking for.  They also make it much easier to move, as I found when I moved at the end of summer -- keeping my things organized in bins and trays means that everything is already halfway packed.

Here's another example.  A little while back I organized my underwear drawer by getting these little bins at a discount store.  They are Rubbermaid Bentos, so they also have little compartments in the corners that can snap open or closed depending on what your organizational needs are.  Here's the end result:

A vast improvement to how it was before, let me tell you!

So some of my goal to simplify in 2015 will be satisfied with getting things, rather than only purging things.

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