Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 10: Miscellaneous bathroom stuff

What I purged

No picture on this one, but when I was cleaning up my messy room and bookshelf last night, I also pulled a few things out of my bathroom, things that I either didn't like or hadn't been using: a bathroom cup I got over the summer, and two wire baskets that I'd been using in one of my drawers, but that didn't work very well because the spacing between the wires is too big.

What I'll do with them

They've gone into a bag and will likely go to Goodwill with my next load of clothes that I donate.  I do have more bathroom stuff to go through, but I'll wait and make the bathroom its own project sometime.

Final notes

I had a hard time getting rid of the baskets, even though I didn't really like them, because I just bought them recently.  It's funny how that makes it harder sometimes to get rid of something.

The cup was even worse.  I got that one over the summer too, and really liked it at first.  But it's not very practical, being hand wash only, and I just don't think that's very sanitary for a bathroom cup.  Plus the blue color of the glass is because of a coating on the outside of it, not because the glass is actually blue.  I was very disappointed when I realized that coating was starting to peel up already.

The glass would probably be pretty cute if the coating were removed, and maybe if it were painted... but this is about simplifying my life, not giving myself more to do, so I'll let someone else decide what to do with it.

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