Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 7: Food

What I purged

I am pretty bad about letting food go to waste.  Sometimes something is just slightly on the old side, and I won't get rid of it because "it might still be okay," but then I won't eat it, either, because hey -- it also might not.

So my goal last weekend was to get rid of ALL the old food, and to be honest about whether I would use it still or not.  I cleared out quite a bit.  The only borderline food I kept was some eggnog, which I did have more of that night (but the rest of which will go into the trash tonight), and some cheese that was a little old for my tastes but probably not too old for my rat.

What I did with it

There was no way around this one, so I tossed all the old food and put any recyclable containers into recycling.

Final notes

I'm only two weeks into 2015, and I'm already one week behind.  This is not promising!  I'll get caught up this week, though.  I actually already have ideas of things I want to go through and possibly get rid of, so getting caught up is more about finding the time than finding the stuff.

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