Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 9: And this mess, too

What I purged

Yesterday was a day for going through messes.  After I went through all the junk on the counter in my bedroom, I tackled this shelf, which has been full of miscellaneous junk since I moved in.  I hadn't put the books back on it because I wasn't sure where I wanted it to go.  More recently I decided I wanted to use it as a shelf for shoes, hats and scarves, and other things, as I've put it in a little hallway or entry way to my bedroom and bathroom.

What I did with it

There was some junk on this shelf that needed to be tossed, but most of it just needed to be put away.  The green jacket got put in my giveaway pile, the fabric in the plastic bag got folded up and put neatly away in the comforter bag that's next to the shelf, and so on.  The end result was this:

It's not done yet -- the bottom two shelves will both be shoe shelves once I get enough liner for the second shelf -- but it's a good start!

Final notes

I still have a lot of this kind of thing to do -- straightening up, decluttering, and organizing -- but I'm very pleased with what a good start I got last night!

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