Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Starting over: Day 3: A lumpy pillow

What I purged

I'm not posting a picture of this one, mainly because it's so yellowed -- I feel somewhat embarrassed.  This pillow has been mostly used for decoration, which is why I've put up with its lumpiness for so long.  Besides, it's soft enough to be forgiven if not used on a regular basis.

But I'm wanting to replace it with a pillow I can use if I need to prop my head up more than one pillow will do.  Sometimes my allergies get bad, but can be alleviated if I sleep with my head and upper chest elevated at a slight angle.  This pillow, although soft, is probably too lumpy to be any good for that.  Besides, I'm inundated with pillows (and might have others to get rid of at some point, too).

What I'll do with it

I'll most likely set this aside for a little while to be sure I'm happy with the new pillow, and once I know I am, I'll see if anyone I know wants it.  I'm afraid it might be a little well-used for the donation pile, as people can be weird about used bedding, but I'll probably donate it anyway if no one wants it, and let them toss it if it's too old or yellowed.

Final notes

I know I'm still a few days behind.  I had a busy and exhausting couple of days, with yesterday -- my first day back to my nanny job, and a full day of it to boot! -- being the worst.  I shall catch up, though!

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