Thursday, January 8, 2015

Starting over: Day 5: Pajamas

What I purged

My pajama drawer has been in serious need of culling for some time.  I adore pajamas, and lately I've collected so many that my drawer of pajamas and loungewear is in danger of overflowing.  Even with the pictured pajamas removed from the drawer, everything barely fits.

All I had the heart to pull off right now was my long-sleeved satin pajamas, which I've had forever and which really isn't as comfortable as some of the other long-sleeved pajamas I've gotten recently; a set consisting of a tank top and drawstring cotton pants that are a pain in the butt because there is no elastic in the waist; a pair of navy sweatpants that I've worn threadbare and tried to get rid of numerous times, without much success, and a ratty tank top I'd paired with it; satin pajama shorts that I really don't like much (I'm more of a pants person), and a T-shirt that I've worn threadbare and was going to reassign as pajamas, but decided I have enough already.

What I'll do with them

These will also go into my donations bag, which will likely be going to Goodwill fairly soon, as it'll get quite full at this rate!

Final notes

Like my closet, I feel like my pajama drawer needs more work, but right now I don't want to get rid of anything further.  I do love my jammies!

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