Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring cleaning fever

I've been so busy that I haven't paid much attention to this blog in a while.  I have tossed a few things into my donation bag, but each time I've thought, "I'll write that up later," and each time, I've forgotten what it even was I got rid of.  I'll have to go through my donation bag sometime soon to find out what all those things were.

Anyway, I haven't gotten rid of enough, and I also did a little shopping a couple weeks ago for a special event, and wanted to go clothes shopping so badly once I saw all the lovely, soft, flowy clothes that are popular this year.  As a result I'm feeling like it's time to go through my clothes again, and get rid of a whole bunch so that I can justify buying some new things.

I have an unusually busy week ahead of me (as if most of my weeks aren't busy enough as it is), so I might not get to it, but I'm hoping to go through my clothes and finish off this donation bag so that I can report everything on this blog and in my tax file for the year.  Fingers crossed that I can manage at least going through my clothes this week, as I want to be able to give myself permission to go shopping!

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