Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 11: A broken mug

I really need to do some catching up, so for a while these posts will be coming two or three a day.

What I purged

In December I broke the handle of a holiday mug while I was washing it after the very first use, so I was pretty sad and have hung onto it far longer than I should have as a result.  For a while I considered using it as a candle holder, but I have to admit that I don't really even burn candles all that often, so having even one more candle holder seems ridiculous.  Is it more ridiculous to keep it and have it take up space, or throw it away and feel wasteful?  I don't know, but I'm thinking it's better off out of my life than cluttering it up.

What I'll do with it

I think, before throwing the mug away, I'll offer it on Freecycle and see if anyone else wants to make a candle holder out of it.  If not, I'll probably include it in my donation to Goodwill, even though it's broken, and let someone else decide whether it's worth trying to salvage or not.

Final notes

This offers up the crucial conflict: Is it better to live simply in your own life, even if it sometimes means being wasteful?  How do you balance the desire to live a simple life with the wish to also live a greener one?  This seems like an important topic that deserves some more thought.  I did blog about it months ago in the post Simplifying vs. living green, but I feel like it's a more pressing concern for something like this, that just gets thrown away if I don't want it.  I can I purge such things without feeling wasteful?  Is it okay to be wasteful sometimes, when it makes your life easier -- and if so, when do you draw the line?

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