Saturday, June 20, 2015

Downsizing is a lot of work!

Today my mom and I had a booth at a community garage sale.  I only just moved and haven't fully unpacked or gone through everything yet, so I only had a few things to sell, and mostly big things.  I sold mostly smaller items, but not the big ones I wanted most to sell: an end table and coffee table I no longer have space for (coming in a later post).

Downsizing, as it turns out, is a lot of work.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted after getting up early and spending seven hours in the sun today (it was a hot day, and we were on blacktop).  I'm also burned to a crisp, and all for about $20.

I did buy a few things, which defeats my intentions of downsizing to some extent, but they were good finds so I'm not sorry.

I also managed to sell the rat cage the other night, too.  I used Craigslist to sell that, and that may be the easier option for most of the bigger items, although it still takes some work to take pictures, write listings, correspond with people, and arrange meetings.  Most small items probably aren't worth the trouble of listing on Craigslist, so unless they're worth something, I'll probably just drop them off at Goodwill for the simplicity of just being done with it.

Still a lot of work.

I have lots more to come, and should continue to accumulate things to get rid of as I unpack and continue going through my belongings.  Hopefully I will survive the hard work of downsizing!

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