Monday, June 1, 2015

Serious downsizing

I'll be doing some serious downsizing here very soon.  A few things are coming together at just the right time to force it in all areas of my life.

I'll be moving into my own studio apartment.  I've been living with roommates for the past year or more, ever since my husband and I separated.  (There -- that's the first time I've mentioned it directly on any of my blogs -- was that so hard?)  I'm tired of roommates, though, so I got myself a little studio apartment.  And I mean, little.  It's in the area I wanted though, and I'll my own kitchen and bathroom for the first time in over a year, so it's worth it simply to be able to stop feeling like I'm crashing on someone's couch (which I'm not, but that's what it feels like when you live in a basement and don't have easy access to a kitchen or shower).

The other thing is that my ex is wanting me to go through stuff and put my things in storage.  I left a lot of furniture and other things behind when I left, partly because I wasn't sure I wanted it to be permanent and partly because I haven't had the space for it.  After living without it for so long, though, I'm feeling less invested with some of it.  I think I have enough distance now that I can make a decision on whether I want to keep things.

First things first: I have to get moved.  That's going to involve some getting rid of things as I get packed, so I will take pictures and post them after the fact, once I settle into my new place.  Then I'll start going through things at my old house, deciding what to keep or sell and going through some boxes of stuff stored in the basement there.

It'll be a crash course in downsizing.  Nothing like moving into a studio to teach you the true meaning of simplifying your life!

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