Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keeping things out of the landfill

Before I get to work on the posts of things I'm getting rid of, I thought I would share this article about recycling that I saw yesterday.

Reduce, Reuse, Remove The Cellophane: Recycling Demystified

I don't know about you, but I always fret about what to put in the recycling can.  Ever since I started recycling a little over a year ago, I really like it, and wish I could recycle a whole lot more than I actually can.

This article breaks it down: what can be recycled, and what can't.  They do note that different facilities have different capabilities, so you'll need to get a complete list from your recycling service to see what they can take.  But at the same time, knowing the repercussions of throwing things in recycling that don't belong -- plastic bags gumming up the works, Styrofoam contaminating everything, etc. -- might end the "better to add it to recycling and them have to take it out, than add to the landfill" attitude that most people have about what to put into recycling.

I actually recently moved to an apartment that doesn't have its own recycling service, but after recycling for more than a year, I'm finding I feel as though I'm doing something wrong every time I throw cardboard or glass in the trash.  I'm seriously considering looking for a recycling drop-off in town and taking it over on my own when I get enough to justify a load.

Someone also posted an ad on Freecycle the other day, making suggestions on other ways we can keep things out of the landfill (especially if they are items no one wants to reuse or repurpose).  With the local businesses removed to make it more applicable for all my readers, here is the list:

  1. Used peanuts can be dropped off at UPS
  2. Used rags can be dropped off at Goodwill -- stuff that's no longer usable as clothing or sheets can be recycled and added to paper, such as money
  3. Used mattresses can usually be recycled, although it does cost a small fee, especially if you need the mattresses to be picked up 

I am a fan of keeping things out of the landfill when possible, although I'm torn sometimes as to whether it's worth it to reuse or repurpose things yourself -- I'll blog about that next.

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