Saturday, April 14, 2018

Downsizing 101

I still remember the DSL tech who came to my little studio to set up my Internet, back when I was separated, and he and I joked that I was downsizing my husband.  I really was using the divorce as an opportunity to downsize... for a while.  I kind of lost sight of that goal for a while.

But I'm back to trying to downsize.  I got tired of accumulating (more) stuff since settling into a bigger place again.  I finally had more space, and so I promptly filled it... and now I'm out of space again.

Friday, April 6, 2018

A lot of changes in two and a half years

It's been a long time since I've even thought about this blog, and I've had a busy few years.  Last time I worked on this blog I was separated and working toward a divorce, living in a studio with only some of my possessions and not enough room for even them.  Downsizing seemed much more important then, and probably one of the only ways I had any control over a life completely in flux.

A few months later, everything changed again.  The divorce got nasty, but I also got moved and got all my stuff back -- at once.  (Including my cats.)  That meant settling in to a new home, unpacking (mostly), and starting to go through stuff.

But life happened, as it does.  The divorce finally went through and my life settled into a routine.  But with routines come complacency, and once I got unpacked enough to live, I more or less stopped unpacking or going through things.

Lately the mess has caught up with me, particularly since I do love finding treasures... dolls, antiques, dishes, things I can identify when others can't.  As the boxes have piled up, I've gotten tired of the excess, and now I want to spring clean.