Friday, August 10, 2018

Moving forward, out of the mess

Recently I've started to feel really tired of living in such a pigsty.

My house isn't super dirty, but it has become quite cluttered.  Some of it is stuff I just haven't done, like putting laundry away or taking out recycling.  Some of it is stuff I'm already planning on getting rid of, like things I'll be taking to a show and sale later this month.  But quite a bit of it is stuff I don't need, stuff I've just learned to look past and not see when I'm going through my daily motions of making coffee, working, cooking, and relaxing.

I'm tired of not seeing the mess.  I'm tired of navigating around the mess and not noticing.  I'm tired of being ashamed anytime anyone comes over.

So I'm slowly starting to do something about it.

I'm a collector at heart, so this isn't easy to do.  I have a lot of collections that really need to be thinned, but some of them are things that are specialty items, and need to go to good homes and perhaps even turn back into money as they go.

I also have a bunch of things that just need to be dropped off at the local thrift store, and I'm slowly getting to that, but that too takes time.  I really want to just be ruthless and go through all of that kind of stuff and get rid of things left and right, but in reality, that's exhausting work and I can only do a little bit at a time.  If I try to do too much, I start second guessing my decisions and keeping more and more.

I'm starting to list some of my collections on eBay.  It's difficult and slow going, partly because each item takes time to photograph, list, and sell -- and partly also because each and every decision to get rid of something takes time and careful thought.

I'm getting there.

My original plan for this blog was to get rid of something every day.  It turns out that's not at all practical, because there's simply no way I can make time for that every single day.  So I think instead it's a better idea for me to make time for a larger effort less frequently -- say, every week or two.

We'll see how it goes.  I'll keep you posted!

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