The Rules

Since SimpLIFEfy 365 is more than just a blog, but also an experiment in my own life, like any good experiment there has to be parameters.

The rules I'm setting for myself are:

  1. Get rid of something EVERY DAY.  No skipping days.  If it's completely unavoidable, I can makeup a day either before or after the missed day, and get rid of two thing in one day instead of one.
  2. Groups of things count as one thing.  Multiple related items in one day still count as one day's something.  No going through my sock drawer and throwing out a pair every day for a week, in other words.
  3. Don't be wasteful.  I'm not allowing myself to just throw away everything that I get rid of.  Things that can be reused or recycled must be dealt with appropriately.  Adding to the landfills in order to simplify my life would be appallingly selfish, and a betrayal of the spirit of simplification.
  4. Blog about every new purge.  Blog posts have to include what I'm getting rid of, why, and how, with pictures when possible and/or beneficial.
  5. Blog with progress updates.  Maybe this will change my life, maybe it won't.  But at, say, the end of every month, I'm going to give you an overview of how far I've come, and what I think so far.
  6. Have fun!  Honestly, the entire point of this blog is to lighten up.  If getting rid of things starts feeling as stressful as having them, I'm doing it wrong or I've gone too far, and I need to reassess what my goals are and how I'm going about them.

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